Our History


Today, the WatchMinder is being used by children and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder, as well as persons with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, urinary incontinence, and asthma. Senior citizens are using the watch to manage medication intake and hard of hearing persons benefit from the vibration system in the watch. Because the WatchMinder is a vibrating, silent alarm and reminder system, it can be worn by these people and others like them, with minimal disruption to the user or those around him.

 Our History

With over 80,000 watches sold, the WatchMinder is the only vibrating reminder watch invented by a Child Psychologist!

Dear Valued Customers:

Thank you for interest in the WatchMinder.

My name is Dr. Laurence Becker and I am a licensed Child Psychologist and the inventor of the WatchMinder. As an assistive tool, I would often recommend that parents program a wrist watch for their child to remind him or her to stay on task at school and at home. Throughout my twenty years of practicing in Southern California, I began to realize that, although this technique was effective, it had its limitations. First, a wrist watch is loud, disruptive, and not ideal for the classroom environment. Second, most wrist watches could only be programmed for a limited number of reminders per day. Twenty years ago, I set out to create a better tool for children, parents, and adults…and the results have been phenomenal. Over 80,000 WatchMinders have been sold worldwide!

We sincerely hope that the WatchMinder proves helpful and are available to answer any questions you might have about our product, its features, and its many uses.


Laurence D. Becker, Ph.D
Inventor of WatchMinder


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