This is the Best Aid

I wanted to tell you how amazing your product is. I have been singing its praises to my colleagues and friends. I am a psychiatrist as well as a parent of two kids with ADHD. This is the best aid for executive function to help kids who are hyper-focusing, and therefore not tending to needed tasks. Because it's their very own watch, and they can program it, it has eliminated my nagging timers or reminders for "it's time for ____." I just ordered one for myself, and my son who doesn't have ADHD, but sets multiple reminders on his iPhone, and he'd prefer not to have to carry it everywhere. My husband suggested I purchase an apple watch for myself, but I absolutely love that I can program the watch and not worry about being attached to my phone. I believe this ability to have a reminder that is not connected to a smart phone is especially important for children. I observe more and younger children being glued to their phones, and I'm also noticing young adults are having a more difficult time tolerating distress and boredom. Additionally, social media is ramping up bullying to a new level, which is an added risk with giving a child a cell phone. I am so happy I can recommend a product to parents which doesn't require them to also give their child a smart phone, and all the negative qualities that come along with ownership of a smart phone.

by A Proud Parent

Vibrations Keep Me Cued

I wanted to let you know how much this has improved my efficiency as a resident physician in family practice. I don't have ADD or ADHD but I was really struggling with time management. This has made an enormous impact in my ability to get through my tasks and clinic day in a more efficient manner. I was looking everywhere for a vibrating watch that I could set to 5min intervals to go off while at work and this was the best option that I found in my search. I used to run 30-60 min late every day without fail and I was really struggling to find a solution to this issue. Now, the quiet vibrations keep me cued in to how much time is passing as I move through tasks and clinical encounters, and I am able to move through my work at a more appropriate pace. I am now finishing clinic on time or early, and finishing my tasks in a more timely manner.

by Barbara R

Our Godsend

I just read below that you are the creator of our godsend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. my daughter was adopted at the age of 2 after suffering a significant tbi during infancy at the hands of her biological parents. She has pretty significant sensory issues...mostly around toileting as she does not feel the urge and she also has significant short term memory issues. Your original watch was purchased 3 'yrs ago and has given her independence...something any 12 yo desires. She no longer has to be called to the office every two hours to go to the bathroom to prevent accidents and is reminded when it is time to do other things as well. She went back to school last fall and was so excited to see 3 of her classmates also wearing "her watch." A little forgetful club with super cool jewelry they call themselves.

by Robert K

Truly Amazing

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much my son and I have appreciated your watch. We have had the watchminder3 for a while now and must let you know that this watch truly amazing. My son is on the Autism spectrum and had other diagnoses like ADHD as well. This watch allows him and I to communicate without yelling at each other. I set the watch for the time I want him to do things and I don't have to remind him to do those things and he has used the routine of the daily schedule built into the watch with the alarms to keep him on task during school and to assist in his daily routine.

by A Satisfied Customer
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