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Its almost September, and that can only mean one thing…from kindergarten to college, students everywhere are headed back to school.  The WatchMinder is a perfect “back to school” gift for the student in your life.  We receive countless emails from parents, students, and teachers letting us know just how valuable the WatchMinder has been in and out of the classroom.  Here are a few comments that were recently left for us:


"I received my WatchMinder and I absolutely love it.  It's exactly the tool I have been looking for.   I have set the watch to the random training mode to help keep me on task during the workday and have also set up reminders for when it's time to leave work, work on my studies, etc.  Thus far I have been nothing but satisfied.  Thank you so much for inventing this wonderful product." – Adult with AD/HD


"My son thinks that it has been very helpful.  I also received a note from one of his teachers telling about the change that she has noticed in his behavior.  She describes him as more mature." – Proud Parent


"The watch has helped my 13 year-old. The sense of control it gives him really helps his attitude and his organizational skills have improved greatly…" - Parent of AD/HD child


"It is wonderful to have a reminder to look up so that I can praise a specific child for being on task.  With more children in the classroom, sometimes it is hard to have that constant feedback for a child that needs that reinforcement more regularly." – 3rd Grade Teacher


Please let us know how the WatchMinder has helped you or the student(s) in your life!

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