Received some great customer feedback last week: we love hearing how the WatchMinder is helping children self-monitor and become independent!  This is exactly why we created the WatchMinder.

One mother of an AD/HD child emailed: "I wanted to update you on the progress my son has had with the Watchminder3.  I've received positive feedback from his teacher, which is AWESOME!  She had to take the watch from him a few times in the beginning because he was "playing" with it.  She hasn't had to do that since the first week.  He still gives her a hard time paying attention during 2 subjects that he doesn't like but overall, she said even those times are better.  I have noticed he hasn't come home as aggitated because the teacher was watching him all day.  Overall, we are very satisfied with the Watchminder3 and have told others about it."

And another wrote: "Good morning,  A little letter to  thank you for the watch and the replacement chargers!  Wow . let me say that it has been 3 weeks and my daughter has been so on track its incredible, she has timed her snacks, lunch , even her supper.  She tell everyone of her new vibrating watch and she never wants to take it off!  YEAH!!!!  I cannot tell you how independent it has made her!  I have passed the info along to other parents who are interested."

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