Check out our quick guide for using the WatchMinder for self-monitoring!  The guide includes a self-monitorning template and example:

What is self-monitoring?

Self-monitoring is a behavior modification technique which centers around the simple act of monitoring one’s own behavior or performance.  While the efficacy of self-monitoring in addressing AD/HD related behavior is well documented, similar theory underscores the wide use of food diaries, exercise journals, and other similar tactics – simply becoming aware of one’s own behavior or actions can lead to vast improvement.

Why is the WatchMinder wristwatch an ideal assistive tool for self-monitoring?

While the WatchMinder wristwatch was invented to assist children and young adults with AD/HD, the wristwatch is being used by thousands of individuals in countless unique ways: AD/HD management; stress reduction, mindfulness; anger management; smoking cessation, weight management; interval training programs; and breathing exercises, to name only a few.


Simple, intuitive, and discreet - the WatchMinder is the perfect assistive tool for everyday self-monitoring.

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