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Adhd GadgetsDeveloped by a licensed child psychologist with more than 35 years of experience. WatchMinder is the latest in ADHD gadgets. Dr. Becker would often recommend that parents program a wristwatch to remind children to stay on task at school and at home, but realized that this technique had its downsides. Watches have loud alarms that are disruptive and distracting, and can only be programmed to go off a few times a day. After developing and selling more than twenty-thousand of the original WatchMinder watches 10 years ago, Dr. Becker realized there truly was a need for this product. Now selling the WatchMinder 3, Dr. Becker is confident that this vibrating watch can make a monumental difference in children and adult's lives. With pre-programmed messages that can be programmed to go off in random or set intervals or at specific times, this watch is perfect for children or adults with ADHD. Children, parents and adults can all benefit from the WatchMinder. Children, parents and teachers can be reminded of the right time to take ADHD medication. WatchMinder can improve the relationship between parents and children with ADHD by reducing or eliminating the relentless nagging and reminders that parents of children with ADHD inevitably end up doing daily. With the WatchMinder, children become more self-sufficient and feel better about their own capabilities. With positive reinforcement for certain behaviors, reminders such as "Pay Attention," "Be Positive," and "Focus" are little things that keep children on task and focused throughout their day without having to depend on anyone else. With a simple reminder to turn in homework assignments or participate in class, a child can vastly improve his or her performance at school. With a reminder to give positive reinforcement, parents can improve their relationship with their children. With a reminder to give positive reinforcement to children in the classroom, teachers can improve the atmosphere in their classroom. Overwhelmingly positive testimonials from parents, children and teachers show how effective and simple WatchMinder really is. Go to to find out more about the product, and read the positive testimonials from a wide variety of customers. Utilized in research studies and clinical trials, WatchMinder is a breakthrough in ADHD gadgets. Watchminder's design is adjustable so it fits the smallest of child's wrist up to an adult wrist. With the fashionable look of a regular watch and an unobtrusive light vibration without any sound, no one has to know that you or your child is wearing a WatchMinder. Available in white or black with interchangeable velcro bands in black, red, blue or pink, the WatchMinder fits in with any style. The watch is completely waterproof, and has a rechargeable battery. The easy on-screen programming with 65 pre-programmed messages available makes it easy enough for even a child to program it. Call 1-800-961-0023 today to order by phone or go to to order online. Just $69 for a limited time, WatchMinder can completely change your own or your child's life for the better. Adhd Gadgets
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