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Adhd Iphone AppFor the latest in ADHD tools, WatchMinder is the clear solution. WatchMinder is a vibrating watch that can be programmed with 65 pre-programmed messages to help children and adults with ADHD reinforce positive behaviors, stay focused, and remember daily tasks, and it is supplemented with the WatchMinder ADHD iPhone app. Dr. Laurence Becker is a licensed child psychologist who has years of experience working with children with ADHD. Through his practice, he noticed that there were no effective products available to help children with ADHD with time management. He often suggested to parents that children use alarms on a typical watch to help them manage their time. This solution had its problems, however, as typical watches have loud alarms and can only be programmed to go off a few times a day. Then he started developing the WatchMinder, a vibrating watch with 65 pre-programmed messages that can be set to go off at specific times during the day or at random or set intervals. Head to to get more information and read customer testimonials from WatchMinder owners who say that WatchMinder has actually changed their lives for the better. WatchMinder gives children with ADHD a sense of control and self-sufficiency that can be difficult to have when someone is always having to remind them to stay focused and remember important tasks. This product can create a more harmonious relationship between parents and children, reducing the need for parents to constantly have to bug their children with ADHD. Teachers have noticed a difference in children who wear WatchMinder, and have given overwhelming positive feedback to parents. The WatchMinder is also a great solution for adults who needs help focusing at work and reminders about when to pick up the kids or leave for work. For only $69, you or your child can take control of ADHD and ensure that it is not a detriment to your everyday life. Does your child need help staying focused in school? You can set a reminder every 30 minutes between 8am and 3:30pm reminding him to "Pay Attention." Does you child always forget to turn in her homework or copy down the assignment before she leaves school, WatchMinder can help. Does you child get frustrated with schoolwork because of his ADHD, you can set a reminder at random intervals to "Stay Positive," giving him a little more confidence in his abilities. Are you a college student whose ADHD makes you frustrated and stressed during midterms? WatchMinder can remind you to "Relax." Keeping up with ADHD medication can be difficult, especially for children with ADHD. A simple reminder to "Take Meds" keeps you free from worry that your child missed their medication. As the newest, most affordable solution in ADHD tools, WatchMinder can help anyone with ADHD manage their time and remember important responsibilities. It is discreet, fashionable, and can fit on any sized wrist, making it a great solution for anyone diagnosed with ADHD or their family members. At only $69, WatchMinder is the perfect solution. We also recommend that everyone download our ADHD iPhone app for additional functionality. Adhd Iphone App

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