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Adhd WatchWatchMinder was developed by licensed child psychologist Laurence Becker, who has worked with children with attention and learning disorders throughout his 35 years of experience. Through his work with children, he realized that there were no simple, affordable products on the market to help children and adults with ADHD manage their time, focus, remember daily tasks, and take their medication. Through discreet vibrating cues, people with ADHD can change the quality of their lives through simple daily reminders. With cues such as "Pay Attention," "Be Positive," and "Focus," children can self-monitor and make sure that they do not fall behind in school or extracurricular activities. For high school and college students with ADHD, the WatchMinder can be used to manage busy schedules and hectic exam times. Whether a child or young adult needs reminders to turn in their homework, participate in class, study for a test, or take a break, the WatchMinder is a discreet way to help them be self-sufficient and self-reliant. WatchMinder can also be useful for parents of children with ADHD, who are hurting their relationship with their children by constantly nagging them. Teachers and parents can be reminded to give positive reinforcement, ensuring that the child feels rewarded for their good behavior. In addition to pre-programmed reminders, the watch can be set at Interval Training Mode, which can cue the user on set or random time intervals. For example, a child with ADHD can set the watch to remind him to "Pay Attention" once every hour during the school day. A teenager with ADHD can set the watch to remind her to "Focus" every 15 minutes during final exam times. An adult can set the reminder to help her remember to take her ADHD medication every day. Whatever your or your child's individual needs, WatchMinder's ADHD watch can make every day more productive and less chaotic. WatchMinder is available in black or white, with interchangeable velcro wristbands available in black, red, blue or pink. It is appropriate for all sizes, including children, teens and adults. The WatchMinder is fashionable for any age and looks like any other watch, ensuring that no one else has to know about your reminders. The watch makes no sound and has only a light vibration, perfect for quiet settings such as classrooms and unobtrusive in social situations. The battery is rechargeable, and there are 65 pre-programmed messages to choose from with 30 daily recurring alarms. At only $69 for a limited time, WatchMinder is an affordable solution that can completely change the lives of children and adults with ADHD. With a one year warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee, WatchMinder guarantees that every customer will be thrilled with their new ADHD watch. Just call 1-800-961-0023 or order online at Thousands of satisfied customers' lives have been changed by WatchMinder, and many have written in to Dr. Becker to let him know how important the WatchMinder is for children and adults diagnosed with ADHD. Adhd Watch
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